A lot of people worry about if they are a good kisser or not and there could be more reason to brush up on your kissing skills than you thought. Scientists now believe that kissing is far more than just the pressing of lips together; it’s actually the way that we decide on the genetic compatibility of potential mates. Kissing is so important that most people remember their first kiss better than they remember losing their virginity. If you are worried that your kissing technique is not up to scratch, read these ten tips on how to be a better kisser.

1. Close your eyes

Kissing with your eyes closed doesn’t mean that your thoughts are elsewhere. Far from it; keeping your eyes closed when you kiss lets you focus your mind completely in the experience. Kissing isn’t just about the lips, it’s about being close to a person, and closing your eyes will mean that are no distractions that will get in the way of that.

2. Check your breath

Another tip on how to be a better kisser is to check your breath. It probably goes without saying that no one wants to kiss someone withal bad case of halitosis. When you know a kiss may be in the offing avoid eating spicy food and things garlic and, when the time gets near for a kiss, pop a mint into your mouth, just to be on the safe side.

4. Go with what feels right for you

We could talk here at some length about technique, but you can’t refer to a kissing manual midway through a date. The best advice when it comes to basic technique is to follow his lead and do what makes you feel good. If you try to copy something you have read, you will probably feel uncomfortable and neither of you will enjoy the kiss as much as you could have done.

5. Pace yourself

Next good tip on how to be a better kisser is to pace yourself. Don’t rush into a full-on heavy petting session; take your time and start off slow. It’s much more exciting and pleasurable, if you keep each other waiting for the big passionate kisses and you let the tension build. It’s also a lot more romantic if you take your time and it makes the moment a tender one, as well as a sexual one.

6. Don’t just kiss on the mouth

Remember that you can kiss other places as well as the lips. You can always kiss him on the neck, the shoulders, or gently kiss him in the eyelids. Move around and find out what you and your date are both comfortable with. It will stop the kissing becoming too much of the same thing. Trust your instincts and try and gauge his reaction too. You’ll know it when you’re doing the right thing.

7. Use your hands

One of good tips on how to be a better kisser is to use your hands. What you do with your hands will make a big difference to your kissing technique. Don’t be shy, and leave your hands dangling at your sides, pull your man closer to you and let your hands wander to his neck, his waist, or run your fingers through his hair. It will make your kissing a far more pleasurable experience for both of you.

8. Less is sometimes better

When the time feels right, you can explore your man with your tongue too, but start off slow and gentle. French kissing is a highly charged sexual moment, but you can ruin it if you go too far too soon. Start with the tip of your tongue and alternate between French kissing and gentle kissing on the lips. Anticipation is just as arousing as the actual thing.

9. Add a little pressure

Next tip on how to be a better kisser is to add a little pressure. Let us explain…Adding pressure to your kisses will allow you get closer and deeper, but don’t overdo it and crush his lips. Holding him tight and close will blow him away, but you don’t want to loosen his fillings in the process!

10. Relax and enjoy the experience

The best way to enjoy a kiss is to relax and stop worrying about it. If you are tense and trying too hard, then that’s going to get in the way of the experience. Remember that everyone kisses slightly differently and enjoys different things, so do pay attention to what your partner seems to like, and what he does not. If you haven’t had much experience of kissing, it will take a while to perfect your own technique and, with a new partner, it will also take time to learn what you both like. You can read all the kissing tips you like and they will help but, at the end of the day, it’s what you and your partner want that really counts.

How to be a better kisser? What are your tips?

Stay happy!


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