How they met? Pamela narrating; I have been so excited and filled with joy since I met him, there has always been something about him I still can’t figure out that has always made the bond so strong and I have always looked forward to spending time with him.

He’s humble qualities melts my heart, there has never been a dull moment with him, his sense of humour I cherish so much, as the days passed by, the feeling became stronger and I kept looking forward to when he would pop the question.

For some funny reasons, he kept asking me if I had any costume ring I no longer use then I suspected he had something up his sleeves, I told him I had one but had not worn it in the last 2 years. I pulled it out from the case and showed him then slipped it back.

I enquired from him, the reason he asked for the costume ring and he gave me a funny response that he needed to use it in helping out with his nephew’s art assignment….I refused to believe this response but actually played along with him. I became very expectant as I already had a clue from the question he asked. I think he knew I was expectant and he further delayed for months… at some point I gave up and just decided to enjoy the relationship.

 On a faithful Sunday morning, I got a call from him that he was coming to take me karting after service and that he would be coming with his brothers and some friends. In excitement I looked forward to it. He came as promised and we all went karting, we really had a lot of fun and decided to settle down for a meal in the restaurant. I observed he was always leaving in between meals to whisper to the waiter, and proposal never crossed my mind. After the meal, we chatted for some time and he said was ready to drop me off at home I stood up with my bag, then his younger brother said he made a special other for everyone….he beckoned to the waiter to bring the order, the waiter brought the order and placed it right in front of me, a song came up from the speakers “Cheerleader “by OMI…. I opened the plate and saw the ring on another plate with an inscription “will you marry me” he went on one knee and popped the question, after he slipped the ring into my finger, he brought out the costume ring I showed him earlier and gave me back.

It was an awesome experience and I am very grateful to GOD for this journey he’s starting with us.

Pamela and Anayo Pamela and Anayo 1 Pamela and Anayo 2 Pamela and Anayo 3 Pamela and Anayo 4 Pamela and Anayo 5 Pamela and Anayo 6 Pamela and Anayo 7 Pamela and Anayo 8 Pamela and Anayo 9 Pamela and Anayo 10 Pamela and Anayo 11 Pamela and Anayo 12 Pamela and Anayo 13

Photography @dikophotography


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