They may not show it, but guys can be easily wounded by the things that women say. What you think is a completely innocent comment, can have deep, hidden meanings for a man, so be warned, and read these ten things that you absolutely should never say to a man:

1. “My ex always did that for me”

Ex…How could you dare to utter the mane of your ex?! Your ex doesn’t even exist in your boyfriends mind, so don’t ever make comparisons to him, please!

2. “Grow up and be a man”

There are two insults in one sentence here. You are telling your guy that not only is he immature, but that he’s also lacking in what it takes to be a man as well. Men want you to respect them and they want to appear strong and powerful, so please, never belittle their manliness.

3. “Don’t worry, I’ve got it”

He wants to be your protector and provider, so don’t tell him that you don’t need him. You might think that you are just being helpful, fixing something that he can’t fix, but, boy, you are going to dent his ego by doing so.

4. “We need to talk”

Oh dear, this is going to make him worry. If you say to your guy: “We need to talk…”, then you might say also: “I have some very unpleasant news for you”, so be sure that it isn’t just the precursor to: “What do you want for dinner tonight?” or “what topping on your pizza would you like?”, or you will give him palpations, stress and paranoia for nothing.

5. “I can’t live without you”

This might, to you, sound like an expression of undying love. But to him, it will sound more like he can’t even go out with his friends tonight. Remember, men are not good at understanding subtle nuances, they take everything literally and you don’t want to appear to be too clingy.

6. “I don’t want to talk about it”

OK, cool. You don’t want to talk about it…it must mean that everything is good again, right? Well, that’s how a man will see it anyway. Not talking must mean that there isn’t a problem to be discussed, so he will quickly put that issue to one side and move on.

7. “You don’t measure up”

The size of his car, the size of your home and, of course, the size of his manhood, are all things never to be belittled. Size does matter, to a man, so never suggest that anything is less, than extra-large, unless you want to hurt him.

8. “Do you like me in this?”

Men know that they can’t possibly win on a question like this. If he says, you look beautiful, he will be accused about just saying it to please you, and if he says he says that it doesn’t suit you, he knows he will be in the bad books again. Leave it to him to compliment you and then, at least ,you know that the comment is for real.

9. “At least, I’m not like your mother”

Don’t, whatever you do, disrespect the mother! However angry you get, you will never win, if you mention his mum; so stay clear of that one, it will never work in your favor.

10. “If you really loved me, you’d……..”

If you are going to fight, then, at least, fight fair! This is really stooping low, to put your man’s love in question over a small dispute. His love is not a bargaining chip to be played with and he will be hurt, if you try to use it in this way.
What are other things that we should never say to a man? Please, feel free to share your relationship wisdom in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


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