You don’t always want to blurt out those three magic words to a guy, especially, if the relationship is quite new, but there are still plenty of ways that you can let him know that he is special to you. The best ways to let a man you really care about him are the simplest ones, so read these tips on how to tell a man that you love him and you won’t need to say anything, because often, actions speak louder than words.

1. Cook his favourite meal for him

The way to a man’s heart is still through his stomach, so cook him his favourite meal and you’ll get the message across. If you know his mother well enough, then ask her what was his favourite dish when he was a child. That’s always a winner with men.

2. Listen, even when he talks rubbish!

Men do talk about boring things sometimes, but, to him, the fact that there’s a strange knocking sound coming from the back of the car is important. Listening to what he has to say will tell him that the two of you have a special connection, and he will love that.

3. Tell him with your hands

Grab his hand when you walk down the street and give him a surprise cuddle when he’s least expecting it. Men love the gentle touch of a woman and it can say just as much as words can.

4. Look after him when he has man-flu

Pamper your man when he is feeling unwell and that will tell him how much you love him. Men are pretty useless when they get sick, they just want to curl up and feel sorry for themselves. If you are there to help him get better, then he will adore you for it.

5. Do the stuff that he hates doing for himself

He will also spot that you love him if you take away some the chores that he absolutely hates doing. This will normally mean doing his laundry and ironing his shirts, but it’s a small price to pay, if this tells him how you feel.

6. Give him plenty of compliments

Times may have moved on but, a man’s ego is still pretty important to him. He’s probably still hung up with the idea that he has to be a real man, so give him a boost and let him know how proud of him you are. That will have him bristling with pride and it will fill him with love for you.

7. Give him some space

He’s going to need some space to be with his friends sometimes or simply to be on his own. Let him know that you are fine with him having that space and you understand that he needs it, and don’t let your love for him make you look too clingy.

8. Send him a message

You might not want to say the actual words yet, but you can still give him some hints in text messages and emails. Just tell him you miss him, or that you can’t wait to see him again. He’ll get the idea, eventually.

9. Don’t treat him like a child

Men have to be men or even boys sometimes, but never treat him like he’s a child. Chastising him and nagging him because he drives too fast or he doesn’t eat the right foods will only annoy him, so give him the space to be a man sometimes and he will love you all the more for doing so.

10. Be there when he needs you

When he needs to talk, or he needs an advice, then make sure that you are there for him. Guys don’t look for support very often, so when he finds out that he has someone that he can rely on, then he’ll know for sure that he has someone who truly loves him.

How to tell a man that you love him without using words? What are your tips?

Stay happy!


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