Firstly, depending on your age, I don’t see the use of people getting into relationships when it won’t lead anywhere. I mean, what’s the use?

Several factors should be considered before choosing a life partner. Some relationships appear to flatter to deceive and in such circumstances, certain steps need to be taken. This is to ensure you know if your present partner is your life partner. In certain situations couples feel they are in the right relationship based on certain factors. Some of these are based on financial benefits from your partner.

That your present partner is wealthy cannot ensure compatibility, happiness or even security. Note that relationships can sometimes be tricky and you may not readily see that your present partner may not even be your life partner. You may even have been dating for many years and still be ignorant on the factors to look out for when choosing a life partner. However, I will attempt to show you how to know if your present partner is your life partner.

1) Your attracted to you partner in good times and bad: this is a major way to determine the foundation on which your relationship is built. Do you still feel the same way for your partner when he/she is financially down? When your partner is in bad health, do you stand by him/her and will you readily skip work to take care of your partner? Honestly ask your self this questions and answer them. This will give you first hand knowledge on what your able to stand and what your unable to.

2) You both make a good team: do you and your partner do things together such as household chores. What I mean by this is sharing household chores in a manner that is fair to both of you, in a fast and yet efficient way. You both know just what to do without getting in each others way. You both will have to be really organized together because at some point, one of you may have to hurry to pick up the kids from school while the other probably makes lunch for them. You both go shopping together.

3) You both bring out the best in each other: its really reassuring  when you know your partner brings out your strength. Your partner wants to see you reach the peak of your career, he/she brings out the character in you that is most appealing and acceptable to not only you but those around you. This is a beautiful thing as it brings about growth in both of you.

4) Observe your sexual life: If your sex life is awesome and you and your partner satisfy each other, its a good sign. Sex is important in a relationship. Both of you agree and understand when the other is tired and probably cant have sex that moment. You both experiment sexually in a manner that is acceptable to both of you.

5) You disagree on issues without hitting each other below the belt: in every relationship there has to be the occasional disagreements. Thats normal but you must be fair in your arguement. You do not say hurtful things to each other because you will regret them later. Again, you do not leak each others secrets during your arguments.

6) You both make decisions together: making decisions in a relationship should not be a one sided thing. You and your partner constantly make important decisions together. This shows you both carry each other along. When you both make decisions together, better decisions are made and in the eventuality that a decision does not quite bring the desired outcome, you do not point fingers.

7) Assess the level of trust in the relationship: trust in a relationship can be looked at as the backbone of such a relationship. You and your partner have trust and faith in each other and this makes it difficult for outsiders to wreck your relationship. You both leave your phones on without passwords etc.

8) Your happy when with your partner:  the thought of your partner coming back home  from a trip or work feels you with so much joy. Its a great feeling when you think of him/her coming back into your arms. The truth is you would even prepare your partner’s favourite meal way before arrival. When there is happiness in a relationship everything will seem possible for you and you partner.

9) Your friends and relatives support your relationship: your friends and relatives keep telling you how good your relationship is. They speak of how great you and your partner look together. Under normal circumstance, its expected they wish you well. It means the feedback you get from them concerning your relationship is really important.

10) You both can’t do without saying you love each other: hearing genuinely that your loved by your partner refreshes your relationship. It reassures you both. So you and your partner say it regularly and mean it.

These are some ways you can use to know if your present partner is your life partner. We would like to have more tips on this.  Which other ways can you find out?

Let us know in the comments section.


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