It’s so frustrating, when you know a guy that you like, but he just doesn’t seem interested in knowing you. Perhaps it’s a work colleague, a friend or a friend of a friend, and try as you might, you don’t seem to be able to get him to take any notice of you. It may be that he just thinks of you as an acquaintance and had never even thought of taking things any further, or maybe he doesn’t think that you would be interested. Before you can make a guy crazy about you, you have to get him to notice you, so here are ten tips on how to get a guy interested:

1. Dress to thrill

Guys do notice subtle changes in a girl’s appearance, so our first tip on how to get a guy interested in you is this: the next time you are going to see him, dress up a bit and then, he will notice the difference in your appearance. You don’t need to wear a ball gown to work, or anything like that, but wearing your hair differently and putting on your best day-wear outfit will make him take a second look.

2. Touchy-feely flirting

Men love the gentle touch of a girl and it’s an easy way to pass him the message that you would like to get closer. Even in a casual conversation, a light touch on the arm, a hand or his shoulder might make him start to pay more attention to you.

3. Smile is one of your best assets

How to get a guy interested in you? Smile! Yes, it might sound too simple, but your smile is one of your best assets, so make the best use of it. When you smile, your whole face brightens and it makes you seem far more approachable and everyone loves a happy person. Smile and laugh when you are near him, or even smile across a crowded room at him; if he spots you smile, it will encourage him to become friendlier towards you.

4. Sometimes, occasionally, it’s OK for a lady to take the lead 

Our next tip on how to get a guy interested in you is don’t be afraid of making the first move. If this man hasn’t even noticed that you exist yet, then go and introduce yourself to him. Guys can be shy too, so take the stress out of it for him and go and say ‘hi’, it’s not going to do any harm.

5. Let him know that you are available

Most guys don’t relish the thought of an angry boyfriend confrontation, so you’re going to have to let him know, somehow, that you are single. Drop some hints that you have no one to go to the movies with and make sure that your Facebook status is up to date, in case he checks. You can also let your friends in on your feelings, perhaps, they could drop some hints for you.

6. Tease him a little, but don’t appear to be too hot to handle

Tease him a little with a few suggestive remarks. Not too much though, you don’t want to appear to be hot to handle. A little tease here and there, a bit of friendly joking, a little bit of showing him your naughty side and he might begin to warm to you. This is a very subtile area, so don’t overdo it!

7. Show an interest in his conversation

Another good tip on how to get a guy interested in you is, if you find yourself in a group situation with your target man, then be sure to pay attention to what he is saying. When he talks, listen, and always respond positively to the things that he says. Direct your conversation more at him, than at the group as a whole, and he will be forced to notice you.

8. Engineer encounters

You can engineer ‘chance’ encounters, without being accused of stalking. If he heads to the bar for more drinks, then drink up and meet him there, he might offer you one too. Even at work, getting to the water cooler or to the coffee machine at the same time could start a conversation. Don’t make it too obvious though, you don’t want him to think that you are weird!

9. Wear a different perfume

A different scent might get him looking your way. Men are good at noticing changes, so a different perfume, or wearing perfume, when you wouldn’t usually wear it, will catch his attention and it might even prompt a compliment from him.

10. Overdose of compliments won’t work

Just like girls, guys love compliments too. A man is unlikely to say ‘I love that new shirt’ to another guy, but when a compliment comes from a girl, a guy might actually like it! But don’t overdo it though, as guys are quite sensitive to insincere overdose of flattery. Be sincere in your compliments and he will be flattered, impressed and it will show him that you are interested too.
How to get a guy interested in you? If you have some other tips, please, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


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