Bae has always come first. But how do you keep the flames of love flickering when things get boring? To make sure there is never a dull moment, join Real African Weddings as we take a look at how to keep romance alive with bae.

When we first start dating someone, there is a huge excitement. We get giddy at the prospect of learning everything about the new man in our life. Each date is different, we never know what to expect, and there always seems to be a milestone to complete – from first kiss to moving in together. Eventually, though, all the excitement calms down. Everything becomes routine. We both work long hours, rarely get to spend quality time together, and don’t even have dinner together. And date night? We gave that up after the yawning contest we participated in during our last one. We were just so tired! The romance can die in any relationship if we let it. All relationships follow a natural course from initial feverish excitement to bland routine. However, when a relationship is clearly worth fighting for, we make sure to keep things fresh and exciting. Let’s take a look a 10 tips on how to keep romance alive with bae.

Communicate Like You Did During The Early Days

When you first got together, you probably didn’t go an hour without messaging. Now, it’s normal to go several hours without talking because life gets in the way. Guess what? Life was always in the way. But during the early days, you made the effort to stay in touch with bae. So what’s changed? Your approach and attitude towards the relationship has changed. You’ve both become too casual, too relaxed and too comfortable. You’ve eased off the gas, and assume you don’t have to put in as much effort. After all, you’ve already won their heart. Keep talking! Keep communicating like you did during the early stages. Send cute messages from work. Email, text, Skype! Send photos and videos that document your day. Don’t slack on the communication front. Communication is, after all, the bedrock of all healthy relationships. It’s essential.

Surprise Them!

This is another great tip on how to keep romance alive. Surprises are a great and super easy way to do it. But when was the last time you got your partner a surprise? “Oh, I didn’t know guys liked surprises.” Everyone loves a surprise – especially bae. They make boring days exciting and remind our partners how special and dear they are to us.

Bring Arguments To An Amicable Resolution

Arguments happen. Couples fight. And that includes all couples, even the “power couples” you’ve seen in the media. What matters is not whether you fight – what matters is how you end the fight. If you both constantly aim for the knockout blow, romance will quickly fade. Instead, the two of you can grapple for a bit, before reaching an amicable conclusion that satisfies both of you. Be prepared to lose the fight. Be ready to admit you were wrong, even when you know you’re right. It’s much better than fighting your partner tooth and nail to the death and destroying all love in the process. Seek compromises and seek to end a fight ASAP.

Make Plans For The Future

When you guys first got together, we’re going to assume that you did what a lot of couples do – dream about an awesome future together. Perhaps you pictured the two of you living together, getting married, having kids – the works. Now that everything has become routine, the only future you think about is what to have for dinner tonight. Start plotting an amazing future together again. Dare to dream once more, it’s one of fabulous tips on how to keep romance alive in a relationship.

Make Date Night Happen

Why does date night rarely happen anymore? Why do we say to our partners, “we really should bring back date night,” but fail to do it? Maybe we’ll have one date night … and then that’s it for a whole two months! One of the reasons could be that you haven’t prioritised it. You haven’t set it in stone, like “every Sunday night is date night.” Unless you do this, you’ll find it hard to stick to it. Pick a day and time each week for date night, it’s one of the most useful tips on how to keep romance alive with your partner. Agree between the two of you that no matter what happens during the day, date night WILL happen.

Do Something New Together

Is life getting boring and stale? Do you feel as though the romance is dead? Then do something new together! Pick a shared passion and do it. Take a class, take up a new hobby – do something new, but do it together.


Remember when you were first dating? You had endless fun flirting. He texted you naughty things while you were at work and you responded in kind. It was hot, flustering and you LOVED IT.

So, why did you stop?

“Oh, well, we got together.”

So?? Just because you’re in a proper relationship now doesn’t mean you should stop flirting! Have naughty jokes. Tease each other. Get your flirt on, because this is another good tip on how to keep romance alive.

Quit The Mom Routine

Ever notice when you’ve been with a guy for a while you slip into mom mode? How did that happen?! All of a sudden, you’re cooking all his meals, washing all his clothes, and nagging him not to wear his shoes in the house. Mom mode can kill a relationship and the romance. Switch back to girlfriend mode ASAP.

Forgive Quickly

You know what can easily kill romance dead? A grudge. If you’re keeping a grudge, it could be the reason things have turned sour. We all make mistakes, including you. If you’re finding it hard to forgive him for his errors, it’s really important that you loosen up and forgive, forget and move on for the sake of romance.

Touch Each Other

Lastly, a simple, yet very useful tip on how to keep romance alive: don’t neglect the importance of touching each other. Remember to hug, cuddle and kiss often. Be intimate together.

Do you have other tips on how to keep romance alive?

Stay happy!