Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life. But how do you go about planning it so that you don’t break the bank and leave you guys with nothing afterwards?

When people first hear the words “a budget wedding”, it’s easy to think that cost-cutting means you’re not going to get the fairytale wedding you’ve always dreamed of. But this is just not true. While there might not be any castles or sun-kissed beaches, it’s totally possible to save money and still have an awesome wedding day. The focus on what makes a good wedding shouldn’t be how you’ve spent, and neither should it be how much you’ve saved. Rather, it’s all about how much you enjoy it. This is your special day, after all! Look, there is no need for anyone to spend a small fortune on what is essentially one day of the year. It’s totally possible to create some fab, everlasting memories without spending everything you’ve got. If you’ve got a wedding on the horizon but money worries are giving you a bit of a headache, here are a few tips on how to save money on your wedding.

Make Priorities

Before you begin to properly plan your wedding day with your partner, you should both take a sheet of paper and write down your top five collective priorities. Essentially, this task will allow you to allocate the majority of your budget to what is most important to you, while cutting costs – or even leaving out altogether – anything that is less important. If you’re finding it hard to limit your priorities to just five, list ten. Then, go over these ten items and see if you can chop a few off. There is always something that isn’t totally necessary. Ask yourself: “Is this something I will miss or not?”

Keep The Number Of Guests To A Reasonable Amount

This is another good tip on how to save money on your wedding. We’re all guilty of getting a bit silly when we first draw up a guest list for our wedding. We want the whole town to come! As well as friends and family, we invite distant cousins, friends we haven’t seen since we were ten, our whole Facebook friend list, Frank, the mail man and his wife. “Cause she’s oh-SO-lovely and we’d love her to be there!” And this is without even mentioning our work colleagues. We have to invite them all, of course, because whoever we leave out is going to be jelly. Be sensible here. Be reasonable. Guest lists are where things get expensive, especially during the reception. Feeding the five-thousand doesn’t come inexpensive.


Haggling is just part and parcel of arranging a wedding, but still too many of us don’t bother it, usually out of politeness. But people working in the wedding industry are always ready for a haggle, and if you decide not to barter over the prices, you’re giving them an easy ride. Wedding suppliers are usually always willing to negotiate – so get to it!

Choose Your Location Wisely

You might think that operating on a budget means that you’re going to have to settle for second or even third best, when it comes to picking a location. If you’re savvy, though, this doesn’t have to be the case. Look at your list of priorities. Is the location at the top? If it is, you can spend a good amount of your budget on this one. There are plenty of low-cost options open to you, from national parks to your friends’s HUGE garden. With the location, you just have to be a bit creative. Check out all-inclusive packages, and look for inexpensive, yet exciting honeymoon options.

Cut The Bar Costs

Cutting on the bar costs is another good tip on how to save money on your wedding. Drinks at the reception is an essential part of any wedding, but this is where costs can REALLY escalate. If money is certainly an option for you guys, it’s really important that don’t let the time your guests spend at the get out of control. If it does, you will be left out of pocket. An excellent way to save money at a wedding is to limit the amount of time that your bar is open. It might not please your guests if you only open it for two hours max, but that’s still enough for people to get merry and have a good time!

Don’t Obsess Over Saturday

It’s traditional to get married on a Saturday. Your parents probably got married on a Saturday, as did your grandparents. Most likely your friends did, too. But you don’t have to, not if you’re trying to save some cash. Saturday weddings are always more expensive, than a wedding on any other day – including Sundays. If you really want to save a few $$, getting married on a weekday is a smart idea. Sure, your guests will have to book a day off work. But if they love you, we’re sure it’ll be no problem at all!

… And Don’t Obsess Over The Summer, Too

Most couples get married in the summer. But as well as offering no guarantee of sunshine or warmth, a summer wedding is going to hit you harder in the pocket than an autumn or winter one. Cut the cost of your wedding significantly by getting married in a winter wonderland. You won’t regret, if it snows!

Get Married And Celebrate In The Same Place

As well as getting married on a Saturday, it’s also traditional for a couple to get married in one venue, before heading off with their guests to celebrate the reception elsewhere. This, however, adds more money to your list of expenses. It’s totally possible to exchange vows and celebrate in the exact same room. Why not? It’s another one of good tips on how to save money on your wedding. Logistically, it’ll be hassle-free, if you choose the right venue. And it’ll certainly save you guys a lot of money (as well as all the travelling you and your guests would have to do getting from one venue to the next).

Wedding Cake Doesn’t have to be huge

A wedding cake is a stalwart of weddings, and it’s actually an expensive luxury. Your wedding cake doesn’t have to be extreamely big, just a nice, decent size can also rejoice your merry hearts!