Long distance relationships are becoming a lot more common, and, even with all the various means we have at our disposal that make communicating over long distances easy, it can still be difficult to keep a real sense connection with a person that you are separated from. A long distance relationship means that you have to have a lot more commitment, patience and strength, to keep the feeling of closeness alive. That’s not saying that it can’t work, because thousands of people do make it work, so read these ten ways that will help you feel more connected with your partner, even if they are miles away.

1. Don’t be a technophobe

Don’t be afraid to make the maximum use out of the technology that you have available to you. You can text, email, Skype and keep your Facebook profile updated. Skype is probably the best of these, because it lets you talk face to face. If you are unsure how to use these things, ask a friend to help, because things like Skype can really help you to bring you closer together.

2. Don’t forget about snail mail

Whilst all the technology that we have is great for instant communication, don’t underestimate the power of a hand written letter. When you write a proper letter to someone, you get the time to think through what you want to say and a hand written letter is so much more personal than an electronic message. It also shows that you put a lot more effort into writing it too.

3. Make use of the phone

Don’t just rely on the written word; the sound of each other’s voice will be important to both of you too. If you are going to send a goodnight text, you might as well call instead. It will be much nicer and personal, and help you feel more connected to one another.

4. Share even the little things

When you do talk, talk about everything. What you did during the day, who you met, what you talked about, and even what you ate. One of the things you miss when you are in a long distance relationship is the ordinary, everyday details of each other’s life. By talking about what might before have seemed to be something completely boring, you will feel a lot closer to each other.

5. Talk every single day

You really want to try to talk to each other at least once every day. Even if it’s only a five minute chat to say good night, it can make all the difference. If you were living together, you would say something to each other every day, so don’t let that drop just because you are miles apart. Make a routine to always talk at a certain time of the day, and then it will be easier not to let other things get in the way of that important telephone call.

6. Send photos

Photographs can be an important way to stay connected. A few snaps of your night out with friends, or of a family get together, will help a distant partner feel more involved in your life. It’s very hard to explain in words what something looks like, so snap away with your camera phone and he will be able to see for himself what you are talking about.

7. Be honest, but stay positive

Try and be cheerful and upbeat when you talk to your partner, or you will just make him feel even more isolated, because he can’t be there to help you, but, having said that, you should still share the minor irritations of the day with him. If you are down because you had a bad day at work, then tell him. If you try and hide everything, he might be left worrying about why you are upset.

8. Visit each other as often you can

Of course, seeing each other in person is the best way to stay connected, so make sure that you do see each other as often as you can. When you do see each other, make that time you have together really special too. Get as much time as you can on your own with each other and spend some quality time at home. Going out every day and night might be fun, but you will need time to talk as well.

9. Make plans for the future

Do talk about the future and make plans for when you will next be together again. Even if that time may be some way off yet, it will still give you both something to look forward too. If you remind each other that being apart won’t be forever, it will make the separation easier to deal with and it will give you both something you can work towards together.

10. Don’t forget important anniversaries

When you are apart, celebrating anniversaries and birthdays is even more important, so don’t whatever you do, forget his birthday or any other important dates. Remembering things like that will make your partner realise that you are still thinking about him, even if you can’t be with him every day.

What is your favourite long distance relationship advice?

Stay happy, love and be loved!



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