Have you ever wondered what will actually happen when you meet the right man? Will it be huge fireworks, beautiful music and never ending love? Or will all it all be a bit of disappointment?! If you are wondering what will really happen when you meet ‘the one’ then read on, you might even get a surprise and find that you already have!

1. You begin to re-evaluate your priorities

When you meet the right guy, you will find that you start rethinking some of your priorities. You will start to realise that some of the things that you thought were important aren’t so, and you will even start to consider that previously unthinkable thing – ‘settling down’.

2. You begin to realise that who you are is good enough

When you meet the right guy, he will love you for who you are and you won’t feel the need to pretend to be anything else. You won’t even feel the need to impress anymore and you will be able to just relax in his company.

3. You will be able to tease each other

As you become really close with someone, you won’t feel self-conscious when he makes fun of you. You both no longer need to be careful about what you say to each other and you don’t feel like you are walking on eggshells all the time.

4. Boring things have suddenly become interesting

When any other guy started to talk about his job or his family, you probably used to have to stifle a yawn. But, with this guy, even the most mundane things that he talks about, you find interesting.

5. You want to know his opinion

You will start to include him in your decision making process, even when deciding on things that will affect your future. You will begin to value his opinion more and you will be beginning to include him in your plans for the future.

6. You will lose interest in other guys

This point is more subtle than you would think. It’s not just the fact that you wouldn’t date anyone else, it’s also the fact that you are really not that interested in other men either. You will find that, while your friends might get excited about a really hot guy walking into the room, you barely notice him.

7. You begin to want resolve disputes, not win them

You begin to work together to find compromises, end fights fairly and finish them fast. You will also realise that dumping this guy over a silly argument is no longer a thing that enters your mind.

8. He will start to be invited to family functions

Your friends and family will probably notice that he is right for you, even before you do, and it might come as a surprise when he is invited to important family occasions. Your parents, in particular, will be quick to make someone welcome when they realise how happy he makes you.

9. You will stop feeling the need to check up on him

You don’t need to be paranoid to wonder what your boyfriend does sometimes. When you meet the right guy, though, you will find that that mistrust has evaporated and, if he says he’s out with his buddies, then he’s out with his buddies.

10. Seeing him happy makes you happy

You will also find that his happiness has become far more important to you. It sounds like a cliché, but seeing him happy really does make you happy. You would even now go on a particular type of date that you know you won’t enjoy, simply, because he will.

Stay happy!



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