Having a beautiful album of romantic wedding photos is a great way to remember your wedding day and it will be something that you will treasure for many years to come. To help you capture the romance of the day, here are ten ideas for some really wonderful, romantic wedding photo poses:

1. Hold me tight

A beautiful pose that encapsulates the meaning of love perfectly is the one with the groom stood behind the bride, arms wrapped around her waist or shoulders and holding her tight. He’s keeping her safe and secure and this pose says that he never wants to let her go.

2. Forehead to forehead

Forehead to forehead is another one of romantic and wonderful wedding picture ideas. For an intimate, yet at the same time innocent pose the bride and groom can stand opposite one another, with their foreheads gently touching. It looks best if their eyes looking down, rather than staring at each other and they are holding hands, at arm’s length.

3. All by themselves

Family shots are great to remember a wedding by, but don’t forget to get some shots of the bride and groom when they are not surrounded by people. You can get a very romantic shot of the happy couple by taking them out of the wedding environment altogether, alone, just the two of them in an open space, like a field of flowers for example.

4. The informal look

Grabbing some casual pictures of the happy couple can add another dimension to the wedding album too. Try and catch them sharing a secret glance or a private tender moment when they think no one is looking.

5. The pick me up

The ‘pick me up’ pose is another one of popular and beautiful wedding picture ideas. A shot of the groom picking up the bride can either be playful or intimate, and it can be with or without a kiss. Either way, it’s a great one to capture the trust and the bond that exists between the two of them.

6. The silhouette

The silhouette photo is another one of wonderful wedding picture ideas. When taking photos outdoors and especially toward the end of the day, you can get a really beautiful shot of the bride and groom kissing, if you point the camera a little toward the setting sun. Just enough light from the sun and you can create a wonderful silhouette effect of the two of them together.

7. A shot from above

A shot from above is another one of great and beautiful wedding picture ideas. You can turn pretty much any pose onto something a bit more special, if you try and take the shot from above. Stand on a chair, for example, and take a picture of the couple dancing, as they look up at the camera.

8. Walking and talking

Take a shot from a distance of the couple walking hand in hand and looking at each other, as they walk along a path. You might need to take a few shots of this and select the best one because the movement of the legs may cause blurring in the image.

9. Use a reflection

If there is any water nearby, or a picturesque mirror on a wall, then you can get some really artistic looking poses by snapping the couple’s reflection, rather than the couple themselves directly.

10. Get up close

Don’t be afraid to get some shots of the couple’s faces, looking at each other or laughing together, by zooming up close. You can capture some wonderful moments with close up shots and it can look a lot more intimate and personal.

What are your favorite wedding picture ideas?

Stay happy!


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