So so so… The first time we met was in a friend’s (Chigozie)room, I went there to complete a physics assignment ( I was running a pre degree course for medicine then) , yinka came in a little while after I got in, introduced himself and was forming familiarity with me.
Chigozie noticed and was like ” Tayo when next you see him don’t greet him again o, he’s a bad boy?”.
Well well! I didn’t see him again for a while though,then BBM  came out and he got my pin from God knows where cos I don’t remember giving it to him… And that’s how we got to know each other better and I got to know he had a veeeery  serious girlfriend / relationship . I remember he sent me a song once on bbm ( I think I like her by someone I dunno) and I was like yimu! What’s wrong with this one? ?He was busy dropping subtle hints but I didn’t pick up any until we started dating *olodo *???
We continued being friends till he graduated. He’d come around to see me sometimes but he’d call and we’d gist for hours on the phone most times( We used to talk about everything from the very relevant stuff to the not so relevant I just wanna talk stuff). Anyways when I got to year 4 he told me his verrry serious relationship was over, so I used to console him with dry gist ( not like he needed much consoling anyways). Then I was his relationship guru, I knew about the girls he liked and the ones that liked him, when he got lucky. Anyways when I got to year 5(Hardest part of Medical school LONG AF!) He started intensifying the chyking ( I always laughed it off cos I thought he was joking as usual)… So he started coming to see me on the weekend ( with plenty of junk food ??)and vice versa and I started missing my weekend (pediatrics)calls and that how it all started… So I’ve know tunmise for 6 years and we dated for 2 years ( 2 years of absolute bliss!) before he popped the question. ( This story long o, had to cut out some parts sef, phew!)

Photography @happybensonpixels
Makeup @nomey_jmakeovers
Groom @yinkosium
Bride @vicsbecky


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